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Opti Skinz Binocular Case


Opti Skinz Binocular Case has a snug fitting neoprene design that provides protection for your valuable optics from rain, snow, dust, dirt, and more while allowing quick, quiet access in the field.  To protect your optics, slip the neoprene OPTI SKINZ™ over your binoculars to give it a padded and protected fit. There's easy access to the focus ring and the lens covers flip open out of the way when not in use.  OPTI SKINZ™ are easy to use and they fit most roof prism binoculars.  Available in two sizes...All dimensions are the same except the MEDIUMS measure 5 1/2 inches in length and the LARGE sizes are 6 inches in length to occomodate longer binoculars.

The Opti Skinz Medium Size Case works best with smaller to mid-sized brands

The Opti Skinz Large Size Case fits the bigger, taller 10X42 designs

The Opti Skinz Multi-Use Case was made to hold a variety of small equipment including radios, GPS, smartphones, or rangefinder.

The Opti Skinz Harness System is designed to hold your binoculars in place on the move.  This Harness System has a fully integrated design that works seamlessly with the Opti-Skinz Binocular Case and the Multi-Use Case.

The Opti Skinz Bundle Package deal includes all of the Opti Skinz products (Binocular Case, Multi-Use Case, and Harness System) so they can be fully utilized together.

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