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Canadian Wiggler Crankbait
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Canadian Wiggler Crankbait Lure


For over 65 years the Lindquist Bros. have produced one of the best fishing lures in the world.  The CANADIAN WIGGLER, is the THE ONLY HOLLOW BRASS lure made in the world.  This unique shape and make up produce amazing results.  Northern Pike, Walleye, Salmon, Musky, Trout, Bass, and any other gamefish cannot resist this bait!  Lindquist Bros. made up this design (single hook) for Silsby Lake Lodge and it's forward thinking conservation policies.  Each bait is tank tested before it leaves the factory to ensure proper swimming action. Each Wiggler has a weight hooked to the bottom to balance it with one single hook.  Two different sizes of treble hooks are included, if you would prefer to use treble hooks.  Colors below correspond with the photo of colors - starts top-left, clockwise.


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